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The Referral Project
Funding solutions for nonprofit organizations

Everyone wants to make donations to their favorite nonprofit charity, and every nonprofit charity needs those donations.  What if you could make a donation to your favorite nonprofit through a real estate transaction … with no additional costs incurred?  The Referral Project can make that happen.

The Referral Project allows you to designate almost any nonprofit to receive funding when you or someone you know buys or sells  residential or commercial property anywhere in the United States or its territories

How does it work?
  1. Contact  The Referral Project to request a real estate agent  for a purchase or sale, and then designate a nonprofit to receive our donation.
  2. The Referral Project refers your transaction to a third party real estate agent to serve as your listing or selling agent. (You will interview the agent(s) before hiring.)
  3.  Third party agent shares the commission with The Referral Project, and The Referral Project donates 50% to your designated nonprofit. 

Its just that easy!

For more detailed information, please visit The Referral Project or just contact us.